How Can I Winterize a Sweet Potato Vine?

can-winterize-sweet-potato-vine Credit: crodigtap/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

To winterize sweet potato vines that are growing in a container, bring the container in before the first hard frost. Place the container in a dark location, and mist it with water once a week. Dig up the tubers of vines planted outdoors, and cut off their stems. Wrap the tubers in moist newspaper, place them in a cool, dark location and mist them with water once a week.

Sweet potato vines are popular container plants. Planted in the ground, they rapidly cover the area with their stems and foliage. Below the ground, the sweet potato tuber makes a delicious fall crop.

Related only distantly to the potato, the sweet potato is thought to have originated in either Central or South America. The majority of the world's sweet potato crop comes from China.

Sweet potatoes have few natural enemies. They require little fertilizer and do well in poor soils. Soils with too much aluminum can kill the plant, so lime must be added to correct the condition.

Sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and beta-carotene. They are high in nutritional value and can correct vitamin A deficiency. Although the roots are most popular, the leaves and shoots are also edible.