Where Can You Find a Window Venting Kit?


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When you purchase a new portable air conditioning unit, it includes a window venting kit. However, if purchasing a portable air conditioner that does not come with a kit, or when purchasing a used unit, find window venting kits on the manufacturer's site.

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Window venting kits are important to the installation of a portable air conditioner, serving the function of venting hot air outside, allowing the air conditioner to cool the interior space efficiently. In some cases, it is not possible to attach a portable air conditioner to a window. Other venting systems can be used, such as those that allow the portable air conditioning unit to vent into a drop ceiling. This is common in office spaces and other similar locales.

The standard portable air conditioner comes with a window venting kit that contains multiple components. These include a bracket, made of either rubber or plastic, which fits into an open window space, and an adapter that is used to connect a vent hose and the vent hose itself.

Often only a little work is required to install the window venting kit. The bracket may need trimming to fit the window space, and in some cases, a hole needs to be cut to accommodate the vent hose.

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