How Can You Whiten Clothes?

can-whiten-clothes Credit: Erik Isakson/Getty Images

To whiten your laundry, try bleach, soak your clothes overnight, use peroxide or bluing and dry clothes in the sun. You will have crisp, white laundry in no time with these tips.

  1. Try bleach

    Chlorine bleach is a well-known chemical that whitens clothes, removes stains and obliterates yellowing. Read the directions on your washing machine and clothing label before adding bleach. A good rule of thumb is ½ cup bleach added with detergent for a normal load of laundry. Try color-safe bleach for clothing items that are not solid white.

  2. Soak clothes overnight

    Mix a solution of warm water and an oxygen-based bleach. Submerge clothes and let them stand all night. Wash clothes normally the next day.

  3. Use peroxide

    Peroxide has a bleaching effect on clothes and fabrics. Add a cup of peroxide to your laundry to whiten your clothes. Peroxide can also be used as a spot treatment to whiten stains without bleaching the entire article of clothing.

  4. Use bluing

    Bluing is an optical illusion that causes clothes to seem whiter. By adding a hint of blue to white clothes, they will appear to be whiter than they actually are. Bluing is generally added during the rinse cycle, but check the directions for specific instructions.

  5. Dry in the sun

    To whiten clothes, hang them to dry in the sun. They will appear bleached thanks to the ultraviolet rays. Be careful not to leave dark clothes in the sun too long, or they will fade to a lighter shade.