How Can White Grubs Be Eliminated?


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White grubs can be removed using several methods, including adopting sound lawn care techniques and taking steps to control local populations by vacuuming grubs or placing them in cloth and then in hot soapy water to kill them. There are several species of white grubs that target different types of vegetation and may do considerable amounts of damage to crops and plants. White grubs typically feed on roots of plants and do the most damage during the spring months.

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White grubs have their own name, but are actually the larvae of several different species of beetles, including June beetles and chafers. These pests are called white grubs but may vary in color from pearl white to light shades of yellow. These beetles are characterized by soft wrinkled bodies that curl into small semi-circles. Although there are biological variations among white grub species, these insects can be eradicated in the same ways. Like many garden and crop pests, white grubs multiply quickly and can be quite problematic to eliminate. They can be prevented from causing damage by mowing lawns less frequently and leaving behind grass clippings. Some plants such as fescues and rye grasses repel grubs. Geraniums and larkspur are toxic to grubs and may help eliminate populations too.

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