Where Can Whirlpool Microwaves Be Purchased?


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Lowe's, Sears, Home Depot, H.H. Gregg and Best Buy sell Whirlpool microwaves nationwide. Also, the Whirlpool website allows customers to enter a ZIP code or city to obtain a list of local retailers that sell Whirlpool products.

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Where Can Whirlpool Microwaves Be Purchased?
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Whirlpool carries five countertop microwaves, five over-the-range microwaves and two microwave/wall oven combinations. The two 2.2 cubic-foot countertop microwaves come in black or white. One of them is also available in black on stainless steel and the other is also available in stainless steel. Both models feature an Add 30 Seconds button. The 1.6 cubic-foot countertop microwave comes in black, white, black on stainless steel and stainless steel. It features an Add 30 Seconds button and a Quick Touch Popcorn button.

The 0.7 cubic-foot and the 0.5 cubic-foot countertop microwaves are both available in black and white. The 0.5 cubic-foot microwave is also available in silver. The 0.7 cubic-foot microwave has 700 watts of cooking power and a removable glass turntable plate. The 0.5 cubic-foot microwave has a curved design that makes it easy to fit into the corner and is large enough to hold one dinner plate.

Whirlpool's five over-the range microwaves come in several colors, including black, black ice, white, white ice, stainless steel and biscuit. Also, they all have a sensor cooking feature that tracks the progress of the food and adjusts the cook time accordingly.

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