Can You Wax Laminate Floors?


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Laminate floors should not be waxed because their top layers, also called wear layers, are thin, according to About.com. The floors also have a core layer that is like cardboard and can be damaged by certain cleaning methods. The floors should not be polished, and abrasive cleaners should be avoided.

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Can You Wax Laminate Floors?
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Laminate flooring is best cleaned using one of four methods, says About.com. It can be swept with a clean broom that is only used inside the house. The broom must have soft bristles, because laminate flooring scratches easily. A dry mop or a dry towel over a sponge mop also works. A vacuum cleaner attachment can get rid of dirt in areas that are difficult to reach. Laminate floors can also be cleaned using a wrung-out damp mop with plain water.

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