Can You Wax a Laminate Floor?

Laminate floors cannot be waxed, and homeowners should never use cleaning products made with wax on these floors. Because laminate floors do not have a wood surface, wax can damage the finish of the floor.

In addition to the potential for damage, wax- and oil-based cleaners leave unattractive films on the surface of laminate floors. This filmy haze attracts dust and dirt, which makes it more difficult to keep the floors clean and can lead to damaged laminate.

Commercial cleaning products made specifically for laminate floors are available for purchase. These products do not contain any ingredients that could harm the floors, and they are easy to apply with mops or clean cloths. Experts recommend using rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits to spot-clean small stains, such as those made by paint, grease or ink.

Some manufacturers, such as Pergo, recommend using a vinegar solution for heavier cleaning. Add one cup of vinegar for every gallon of water to a bucket, then mop the floor with the solution. However, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions because vinegar can damage certain types of laminate by stripping the finish.

Heavy cleaning can be avoided by vacuuming laminate floors on a regular basis. Dust mops and brooms are also helpful cleaning tools for removing dust, dirt, pet dander and other debris.