Where Can You Find a Water Heater Repair Guide?


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Water-Heater-Repair-Guide.com, Appliance-Repair-It.com and Acme How To are all websites that provide free guides on how to repair water heaters. Each website offers troubleshooting options for different water heater issues.

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Water Heater Repair Guide has information on repairing gas and electric water heaters. Users can find out how to repair low hot water pressure problems, replace a relief valve, light a pilot light and what to do when a drain valve is blocked. Maintenance tips are also provided by Water Heater Repair Guide.

Appliance-Repair-It.com offers information on how to fix water leaks and adjust water that's too hot or not hot enough. Photo examples are provided as a visual guide. This website shows users how to fix many appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers and ovens.

Acme How To has guides on how to replace a water heater, repair one and information on how it works. This website discusses the pros and cons of tank-less water heaters. Acme How To features a section on plumbing emergencies, which includes how to fix leaking pipes, turn the main water supply on or off and how to thaw frozen pipes. Users can also figure out how to turn off the main gas supply on this website.

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