Can You Wash Suede in a Washing Machine?

Suede shouldn't be washed in a washing machine because the material stains very easily from almost any type of liquid, even water. The best way to wash suede is to bring it to a professional cleaner who specializes in cleaning delicate fabrics.

There are some ways to clean suede at home, however, according to How to Clean Stuff. For instance, a soft bristle brush should be used to clean off any dirt that gets on suede. Waterproofing agents can be applied to suede garments to give them added protection; however, Vaseline shouldn't be used as a waterproofing agent because it will stain the material.

Wrinkles can be removed from suede by hanging the garment on a padded hangar. Suede shouldn't be ironed, but if absolutely necessary, the iron should be set to its coolest setting. A paper bag should be placed between the iron and the suede to minimize the risk of the iron damaging the quality of the fabric.