How Can You Wash Your Pillows?

How Can You Wash Your Pillows?

To wash your pillows, strip off the pillow cases, and wash the pillows with mild detergent in a washing machine. You need mild detergent, a clean white towel, a washing machine and water to compete this task.

  1. Prepare the material

    Remove the pillow case from each pillow. Fill the washing machine with water, and add the mild detergent. Set your machine on warm water cycle.

  2. Wash the pillows

    Put the pillows into the washing machine. Add the cases, and close the machine. Allow the machine to run for a complete cycle. For efficiency of the machine, wash no more than three pillows at a time.

  3. Rinse the pillows

    Once the warm water cycle is complete, empty the machine, and refill with clean water. Return the pillows and cases, and run the machine through the rinse cycle; the rinse cycle removes the detergent from the pillows. Repeat the rinse cycle to remove as much detergent as possible from the pillows.

  4. Dry the pillows

    Empty the dryer. Blot up water from the pillows using a clean white towel. Return the pillows and cases into the empty dryer. Reset the machine to a medium heat cycle, and run the cycle to dry your pillows. Dry your pillows in the sun if they are foam to avoid melting the material.