How Can You Wash Levi's Jeans?


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To wash Levi's jeans, or any denim jeans that do not have special care instructions on the tag, use a regular washing machine. Wash Levi's jeans with other jeans and turn them inside out. Air dry them if possible.

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  1. Sort laundry appropriately

    Sort your laundry so that the jeans are in an isolated pile. To preserve their lifespan, do not wash your jeans with other clothes.

  2. Turn the jeans inside out

    To cut down the amount of friction and wear the washing machine may cause to the surface of your jeans, turn each pair inside out before loading them. Do not overload the washing machine. The recommended maximum is four pairs of jeans per load.

  3. Use the correct settings

    Use the delicate setting on your washing machine to help protect the denim. The delicate setting spins slower and reduces the chances of the denim stretching or ripping. Always use the cold water setting to prevent bleeding and fading.

  4. Add salt and vinegar

    Add a cup of white vinegar and a fourth of a cup of table salt to the washing water. This helps preserve the color of your jeans and naturally cleans.

  5. Hang the jeans to dry

    When possible, hang your jeans up to dry. If using a clothes dryer, use a low setting for half the time. Air dry them the rest of the way.

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