Where Can You Find Vissani Refrigerator Reviews?

Reviews for Vissani refrigerators are available on the Home Depot website and RedLaser, an eBay company.They are provided by customers who purchase a refrigerator through the site. Reviews for Vissani products range from enthusiastic to mixed.

On the Home Depot website, the most popular and well-reviewed Vissani refrigerator is the mini model, measuring at 4.5 cubic feet. It scores 4.2 out of 5 and is recommended by 86 percent of customers. In 128 reviews out of 243, the model has received five stars, with reviewers praising its energy efficiency, appearance and quality. Some reviews note that it is easy to clean and durable, and makes very little noise. However, negative reviews claim that it is loud and the fridge portion unevenly chills food and beverages.

The next most popular fridge on the Home Depot website is a black refrigerator, measuring 10 cubic feet and approximately 60 inches tall. It is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars, with 105 out of 221 reviews giving it the full five stars. While some reviews describe the refrigerator as being quiet and energy efficient, others state that it is poorly made and has problems with the door. It is not described as being suitable for main use, instead recommended for college dorm rooms or campers.