How Can Vinyl Floor Graphic Decals Be Removed From the Floor?


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Most vinyl floor graphic decals are able to be removed from floors by peeling them up and then taking off any adhesive residue. To start the process, begin at a corner and gently pull the decal straight up at a 90 degree angle to the floor. In some cases you need to use a putty knife to get a corner started.

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Continue pulling the decal slowly and carefully until it is completely removed. Use the putty knife again to scrape up any leftover adhesive on the floor. A citrus cleaner takes off remaining goo, as well. Apply a standard floor cleaner on dirt that has collected along the contour edges of the decal.

Depending upon the type of decal and length of time it has been in place, the area that was covered by the image sometimes appears darker or discolored when compared to the rest of the floor. This is because the concealed part of the floor was protected from UV rays.

To keep a vinyl floor graphic from coming up early, wait at least 24 hours after application to clean the decal. To keep the images in good shape, water, oils or solvents should not touch the graphics.

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