How Can You Find Vintage Scales for Sale?

How Can You Find Vintage Scales for Sale?

Vintage scales are available to buy on and Scales are also available at some local antique and consignment stores. Vintage scales come in a variety of styles, including hanging scales, kitchen counter top scales, bathroom scales and balance scales with weights.

To search for vintage scales on or, simply enter "vintage scales" in the search bar at the top of either page. A list of available items are provided on the page. It may be necessary to specify a certain type of scale in the search bar. These sites also allow users to enter search criteria, including price, on the left side of each page.

As of 2015, provides hundreds of options for vintage scales, from antique kitchen scales and balance weights to retro bathroom scales. Prices range from about $20 to over $200.

Similarly, offers many types of vintage scales, including antique cast iron balance scales with weights for around $20 to colorful kitchen scales for about the same price.

Vintage scales are also available in some local antique stores. Many of these stores have websites that provide a current list of inventory, often with photos of each item for sale. A phone call to nearby antique stores is another way to find out where scales are available.