Where Can You Find a Vintage GE Fridge?


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Vintage and antique General Electric refrigerators can be found online through specialty antique appliance retailers such as AntiqueAppliances.com and AntiqueVintageAppliances.com. Internet auction sites such as eBay also frequently have listings for vintage refrigerators, as do local classifieds sites such as Craigslist.

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Many antique dealers use eBay as a means of displaying their inventory to a wider audience. Listings for antique General Electric refrigerators on the site contain both images of the units as well as descriptions written by the sellers that covers their condition and any available features. As eBay does not require sellers to cover the cost of shipping, it is important for anyone shopping for refrigerators remotely to check the price of freight shipping to his or her area before making a purchase.

Local classifieds websites also feature listings for vintage General Electric refrigerators sold by dealers and private sellers. Posts are only required to have a written description though many do include pictures. Listings also contain details on how to contact the seller.

AntiqueVintageAlliances.com allows users to view the various models of antique General Electric refrigerators carried in the Vintage Appliances and Restoration store in Tucson, Arizona. Each item contains pictures of both the interior and exterior of the unit, as well as information about its year and model.

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