Where Can You Find Used Shop Equipment?

Used shop equipment is available through equipment supply websites such as ShopFittingSuppliesOnline.com, Equippers.com and MarksMach.com. Other equipment supply websites that sell used shop equipment include Herma-Tech.com and GlobalGarage.net.

ShopFittingSuppliesOnline.com stocks an inventory of used shop equipment such as storage and warehouse rackings, suspenders, and cable systems. This site allows buyers to subscribe to receive deal alerts on new arrivals, and customers can shop online with no minimum purchase requirements. This site has a reviews section that allows customers to rate the equipment. The supplier accepts all major credit and debit cards with all payments taken via a secure form.

Equippers.com deals with used restaurant equipment. All equipment undergoes an initial inspection, cleaning, testing and quality safety checks before the site lists it as inventory. This site gives buyers warranties on its used equipment as well as an option to trade in equipment.

HermaTech.com stocks pre-owned shop equipment such as machine tools, milling machines and metal lathes. Buyers can browse the inventory by specifying the type of equipment.

GlobalGarage.net stocks office printing equipment and accessories, allowing buyers to view equipment by brand and type. Each listing has its own page with images, sample prints and head tests, and some equipment features video of it in operation. This site also provides financing options.

MarksMach.com sells metalworking and woodworking equipment. The dealer has a trade-in program that allows buyers to update their shops. Buyers use a mailing list or a catalog request to make inquiries.