What Can Be Used to Keep Moles and Voles Out of a Yard?


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Moles and voles may be kept out of a yard with physical barriers, traps and chemical deterrents. In addition to these methods, some gardeners use poison or drowning to prevent a mole or vole infestation.

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For those who prefer not to harm the animals they are trying to eradicate, a no-kill trap or chemical deterrent is a good option to combat a mole or vole colony. When no-kill traps are placed at the entrance to an active tunnel, moles or voles can enter the trap and become enclosed without being harmed. Certain plants, such as chocolate lilies, produce an odor that is unpleasant enough to the rodents that it drives them away. Natural chemical repellents can be applied to or planted in the ground without harming the moles. In addition to repellent sprays, chemical sprays kill grubs, the main source of food for the burrowing rodents.

Constructing a physical barrier to a yard can prevent moles and voles entering it. Digging a trench around a small yard or digging deeper into the earth and inserting a wire screen around the borders of the yard can deter moles, as can placing rods that vibrate or emit sonar.

Poisoned pellets inserted into mole tunnels are usually very pungent and therefore may attract other animals. Before using poison to kill moles or voles, a homeowner should make sure that the poison is not accessible to neighborhood dogs or other animals that may smell it.

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