What Can You Do With Used Cinder Blocks?


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You can use old cinder blocks to make small retaining walls and garden beds and to pave patio areas. You can also make sets of steps using cinder blocks and mortar mix.

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You can turn used cinder blocks into a framework for a raised garden bed. To construct a garden bed, level the ground using a shovel, and place the blocks in a square shape. Fill this space with soil or compost, and plant anything you desire. By placing clear glass or Plexiglass over the space, you can use it as a cold frame to grow vegetables throughout the colder months of the year. You can stack individual cinder blocks and use them for planters for small flowers and vegetables.

You can use cinder blocks to create benches for garden and patio areas. Stack and mortar together cinder blocks to form columns that can support outdoor tables and counter tops. Shelves constructed from cinder blocks and longer boards make great inexpensive and sturdy shelving that is suitable for books, televisions and heavy items. A platform bed made of blocks and wood is not hard to make, and the empty chambers in the blocks can double as storage cubbies for small items.

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