What Can You Use As a Vanity in a Bedroom?


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Use a recycled dresser, a desk or a bedside table as a bedroom vanity. A bedroom vanity can also be made from an old oak wine barrel, a reused potting table or an armoire.

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Upcycle an old armoire into a bedroom vanity by first removing all but the main shelf. Instead of a TV, this shelf now holds all make-up and skin care accoutrements. Install hooks on the insides of the doors for jewelry, scarves and belts, or add a pinboard for pictures and cards. Install a mirror in the back with floating shelves on the sides to complete the look.

If you have minimal space, have your bedside table double as a vanity. Use a simple table with a single drawer to allow for legroom when sitting, and add a stool that slides underneath when not in use. Place a decorative mirror above the table that is practical and a piece of art. An old desk or dresser also works as a vanity. Install a mirror on the wall above it or add a stand-up folding mirror on top, and match the vanity with a small stool.

Use an old oak wine barrel as a vanity that adds both flair and vintage charm to a room. Cut out small doors in the barrel for skincare necessities, and arrange make-up on top. Finish by hanging a wood-framed mirror on the wall above the barrel.

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