How Can You Use Solar Panels to Heat a Pool?

To use solar panels to heat swimming pool water, install a sun-warmed heater in which the water sits until it gets hot. Along with that, install pumps and filters in order to get the water into the heater and back into the pool when it is warm enough. Taking into account your pool, your swimming habits and your climate, design a system that fits all your needs and saves you money at the same time.

  1. Consider your pool heating needs

    Evaluate your swimming habits. Do you swim all-year-round or only during the warm months? Do you just want the chill taken off the water in the cold parts of the year, or do you want bathtub-temperature water all the time? Do you have a hot tub in which the water needs to be extremely warm on demand? How big is your pool? All these questions help you decide on a useful solar heater.

  2. Consider your climate and pool surroundings

    Obviously, your solar panels need to withstand cold weather if you live in an area with freezing winters. Even in a year-round warm-to-moderate climate, you must consider how much sun your pool area gets and which direction the sun faces for the majority of the day.

  3. Shop for a reputable company

    Chances are, you plan to hire a professional to install your solar heater and all of the pipes, filters and pumps necessary to move the water through the system. Shop for quality as well as price, and consider service needs through the years. A good solar heater should last for many years, so the company must be reliable enough for all your service needs over the heater's lifetime.

  4. Enjoy the energy savings

    Watch for energy savings from your solar-powered pool water heater almost immediately. As the years pass, your savings only increase.