What Can You Use Reflective Outdoor Paint On?

What Can You Use Reflective Outdoor Paint On?

Reflective outdoor paint is applicable on signs, bicycles, helmets, mailboxes, driveways, curbs, barriers and address numbers. The paint reflects a car’s headlights with bright, white light to protect individuals and property against poor nighttime visibility.

Reflective spray paint is for smaller indoor and outdoor jobs. The spray offers a semi-transparent finish and is usable on concrete, masonry, wood, metal and plastic. Unlike other reflective paints, reflective spray paints do not change a surface's color, making them the best option for a mailbox.

Reflective paints are available in different formulas depending on the consumer's needs. Twelve-ounce aerosol cans can coat 18 square feet. Reflective paint is also available in 55-, 5- and 1-gallon drums. The paints help increase night and day visibility, even when wet, and larger sizes are perfect for bigger projects such as marking out parking areas and curbs.

Some reflective safety paint and coating options have a thick safety coating that uses beads on top and in the paint to reflect light. This coating is elastic, resistant to peeling and suitable on most surfaces. This type of paint is also environmentally safe, easy to clean with water, fast drying and UV-stable.

Acrylic-based reflective paint has glass beads suspended in it and some options have mica that offers additional reflectivity. Some of the products available on the market come equipped with additional glass beads applicable to the top of the wet paint to make it more reflective.