What Can You Use to Protect a Ceramic Stove Top?


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Weiman offers a glass cooktop product that cleans, shines and protects glass/ceramic stovetops. The company and its products are highly recommended by appliance manufacturers. Other cleaners include Cerama Bryte, Carbona and Affresh Cooktop Cleaner.

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There are some simple step to keep a ceramic stovetop clean. Many owners of ceramic stovetops are unaware that a metal scraper can be used on the surface to remove build-up. A metal scraper can be purchased at hardware stores in the paint section. To ensure that the glass does not get scratched in the process, it is best to hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle to the surface and keep the scraper flush. Best results are typically achieved when the stovetop is still warm, so the use of an oven mitt is required.

Once the cook top has cooled completely, a few drops of a stovetop cleaner should be rubbed in with a soft cloth or paper towel. The cleaners that are manufactured for use on ceramic stovetops are mildly abrasive, so the surface does not get scratched, but strong enough to remove tough stains.

After the surface has been rubbed with cleaner and all the stains have been removed, a soft, wet cloth can be used to wipe off excess product. Another soft cloth can then be used to dry the surface.

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