How Can You Use Plumeria Cuttings to Grow New Plants?


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Twelve- to 18-inch plumeria cuttings dipped in rooting hormone and placed in a pot filled with moist potting medium propagate new plants. Once the plant develops roots, it is safe to transplant to an outdoor location in areas that do not develop frost. In areas where frost is a problem, the cutting is transplanted to a larger pot once it roots.

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The best time to take plumeria cuttings is after the dormant period when temperatures are mild. Cuttings from early in the growing season have the best chance of blooming the first year after planting. Cuttings are stored in a cool, dry location for about a week to prepare them for rooting. Leaves are removed from the lower portion of the stem to provide more room for root growth.

The plumeria plant is often associated with Buddhist temples. Hawaiians use the blooms of the plumeria in leis. However, in the continental United States the plants are only hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11. For the best flower production, they require fertile soil with a neutral pH range. Plumeria plants grow shallow roots and require plenty of sun and large amounts of water in well-drained soil. Once the plant enters its dormant stage, it no longer requires watering.

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