What Can You Use Old Glass Medicine Bottles For?


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Because old glass medicine bottles are similar to wine bottles, they can be recycled in similar ways. Use old medicine bottles as vases or candle holders. With enough bottles, a lighting fixture can be created. Like a chandelier, the bottles can be attached around a series of rings to create an accent piece in a high-ceiling area.

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With more work, old medicine bottles can be turned into basic tiki torches. They can also be converted into bird feeders by attaching a bottom platform, drilling some holes and adding a hanging hook. With a bit of paint on the inside, a bottle can be visually transformed into a new vase.

A bottle can be upcycled into a planter if you are willing to cut the glass. By cutting the bottom off, it can be placed over a string of Christmas tree lights to evoke a warm glow. Removing the bottom also means it can be placed over small outside candles to serve as wind guards. Larger bottles have also been converted into lamp bases.

Obvious uses of old medicine bottles include using them to store liquids such as olive oil or vinegar. The bottles can provide aesthetic appeal in their own right and serve as decor.

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