How Can You Use Liquid Laundry Starch?

Use liquid laundry starch by diluting to the desired concentration in a household spray bottle, applying to clothing, and ironing. For easier ironing, clean the iron each time you use starch. Liquid starch is concentrated, giving you control over the heaviness of the starch in your clothing.

  1. Dilute the liquid starch

    For heavy starch, mix equal portions of liquid starch and water in the spray bottle. Mix one part liquid starch to two parts water if you find this concentration too heavy.

  2. Spray the fabric

    Spray the fabric with starch. Give the liquid a few minutes to soak into the fibers. For manmade fabrics that do not readily absorb water, roll the garment, and let the starch soak for several minutes before ironing. You may also rub your hand across the fabric after spraying to speed absorption of the starch.

  3. Iron the garment

    Use an iron preheated to the manufacturer's recommended heat setting for the garment. Check the fabric care label on clothing to determine the correct temperature range.

  4. Clean the iron

    Starch tends to buildup on the sole of the iron. Use an iron-cleaning product at the end of each ironing session to remove any starch from the iron. A clean iron glides across fabric and speeds the ironing process.