How Can You Use an Interactive Color Wheel to Decorate?


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SFGate Home Guides notes there are many ways to use an interactive color wheel to decorate, including helping someone to discover a complementary color scheme for the room they are decorating. The color wheel also gives color saturation information, allowing the decorator to use different color saturations to make a room appear either casual or sophisticated.

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The color wheel offers the decorator an opportunity to incorporate advanced style techniques. This includes using the colors on the side of the complementary color instead of the complementary color itself. This color scheme is triadic, formed by three colors that are equidistant from one another on the color wheel. The triadic-color scheme can make a room seem both colorful and vibrant.

If the interactive color wheel includes neutral colors, it offers an opportunity to make the other colors in a room stand out visually. The wheel can help someone to pair warm hues with warm neutrals or cooler hues with cooler neutrals. One basic way that a color wheel can help in the decorating process is during the setup a monochromatic room scheme and finding different shades of the same basic color, such as burgundy, rose and pale rose. This monochromatic pattern makes the room appear more soothing.

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