Can You Use Flea Shampoo on Carpet?


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Using flea shampoos on carpet is an effective way to remove flea larvae. Flea larvae attach themselves to carpet fibers, and a vacuum cannot remove them. Using a flea shampoo helps terminate and separate the larvae from the carpet fibers so you can then remove them.

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Fleas transfer easily from an infected animal onto carpets and other furniture. Because of the high volume of eggs laid daily by female fleas, a house can become infested within a very short period of time. Combining several cleaning methods helps eliminate fleas from the affected areas of the house and stops their spread. Once you've treated an infected animal, it is important to treat the affected furnishings and carpet. Vacuuming carpets and furniture daily removes the adults and eggs. Other methods, such as flea shampoos, borax or salt can then remove the larvae.

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