What Can You Use for Fire Ant Bait?


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Broadcast baits containing indoxacarb work quickly to control red ant populations in three to 10 days. Baits containing hydramethylnon work within seven to 10 days when applied to a red ant mound, and spinosad takes several weeks to rid a red ant population.

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What Can You Use for Fire Ant Bait?
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Other common bait products, including abamectin, fenoxycarb, methoprene or pyriproxyfen, take one to two months to be effective in the spring and up to six months when used in the fall. Ant baits that contain both long-lasting and fast-acting products are often the most effective because they quickly control the population and continue to remain active. Some dual-action bait products contain both hydramethylnon and methoprene.

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