What Can You Use to Decorate Above the Kitchen Cabinets?


The blank space above kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place to show off collections, to add an accent color to a kitchen or to express a clever decorating theme. While not all kitchens have enough vertical space to decorate the top of the cabinets, filling in that area often provides the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets with sufficient clearance can be the perfect place to display collections of plates, bottles, candlesticks, jars or other home related items. Grouping together items of similar colors or shapes often acts effectively as a border to the top of the kitchen. Objects should feel natural on top of the cabinets, without attracting undue attention or creating worry that they might fall down. Large items with simple, attractive shapes look terrific on top of kitchen cabinets; this can be a good place to store very large baskets, platters or vases that simply cannot fit into the cabinets themselves.

Aston Design Studio warns that at least two feet of vertical space is needed on the top of a kitchen cabinet to make decorating there worthwhile. When cabinets have less space above them, decorations are likely to feel cluttered and distracting. Interior designers also warn against using artificial greenery on top of kitchen cabinets, pointing out that this look is woefully out of date and tends to look fake.