What Can You Use to Cover a Basement Window?


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A window well cover covers your basement window. Window well covers prevent water, leaves, snow and dust from getting into the basement. The covers may also protect children and pets from falling into the basement. Install the covers to prevent burglars from accessing your house via the basement.

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Certain municipalities bar individuals from covering emergency exits, including windows, so contact your authorities before installing window well covers. Measure the dimensions of the window, and then use the measurements to place an order. Be sure to measure the distance between the top of the well and the top of the window to know the height. Covers are flat- or bubble-shaped, so be sure to select a cover that matches your window.

Be sure to purchase window covers that have low-maintenance costs, are rust-resistant and are durable. Good well covers are made of steel, polycarbonate materials and aluminium. Avoid using plastic covers, which are weak and cannot last for a long period. Pick covers that can support heavy weights. Reinforced meshes are strong and let a lot of light into the basement.

Choose a cover that complements your home exterior colors. Make sure that you purchase a cover that has a long warranty. Clean dirt and debris off the edges of the window before installing the cover. Seek the services of a professional contractor if you are unable to fix the cover well.

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