What Can I Use to Clean My Tanning Bed?


An unsoiled, damp cloth is sufficient for the basic cleaning of a tanning bed. For a more thorough cleaning, pH neutral no-rinse cleaners work best.

To begin a basic cleaning of a tanning bed, make sure the bed is turned off, unplugged and properly cooled. Remove the tanning acrylics that cover the UV lamps within the bed. Remove the UV lamps from the fixtures, and any other movable parts within the bed. Take a damp cloth and wipe down each section thoroughly. Periodically stop to rinse any debris or dust from the cloth, and make sure each section of the bed receives an optimal cleaning. Open the ballast tray under the tanning bed, and clean out the dust to prevent a fire hazard.

If a deep cleaning is required, use a no-rinse disinfectant. Otherwise, any residue left on the tanning bed can heat up and pose a risk of toxicity for those using the bed. Leftover residue can also permanently damage the tanning acrylics or the bed itself.

Check the bed’s cooling fans for accretions of dust and dirt. The cooling fans are located at the bottom of the bed. Some models contain separate fans in the canopy of the bed.