How Can You Use Cabinet Decals to Change Your Decor?


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Cabinet decals can be used to change the color of cabinets, decorate rental areas that can't be painted or permanently changed and brighten up a dark room. Most of these decals are made to be temporary. The material can be something thin such as contact paper or thicker such as vinyl decals.

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Using full sheet cabinet decals means that the full color of the cabinets can be changed. The doors get fully covered and additional decals can be used to cover the facing of the frames. They can also be cut into shapes as simple decoration to liven up dark or plain cabinets.

Using decals can be a great way to cover up damaged cabinets if the budget to replace them isn't available. It can also be a good alternative to refinishing the cabinets. Decals can also be used on walls and drawers. Combining cabinet decals with new drawer pulls and door hinges can make a kitchen or bathroom look completely new with the least amount of effort. Decals can come precut in numerous patterns and designs. There are some companies that can cut the decals to order or offer themed packages. Themed packages are geared to fit standard cabinet sets. If a home has more cabinets than normal or a different size, extra sets may need to be ordered or patterns spliced together to fit the cabinets correctly.

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