How Can You Use Baby Shampoo to Clean Your Carpet?


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Clean carpets using baby shampoo by mixing one capful of shampoo with a full tank of water. Mix the solution and pour it in the unit’s clean water tank. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning the carpet with the machine. The solution removes soil and leaves the room smelling fresh.

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Most carpet cleaning machines require pulling a handle to dispense the soap and scrub the carpet. Release the handle and make a second pass over the section to use the machine’s extractor. The extractor is a wet vacuum that sucks the moisture and soil it loosens from the carpet fibers. When cleaning the carpets with baby shampoo or any other cleaning solution, minimize the amount of liquid you spray on it. Carpets that are too wet are difficult to dry and encourage the growth of mold.

Prepare the room for cleaning by moving all the furniture out and vacuuming the carpets thoroughly. If it is not possible to remove the furniture, move it to one side of the room, clean the opposite side and move the items to the clean side to expose the dirty one. Vacuuming before cleaning removes any loose dirt and gives better overall results. If using a rental carpet cleaner, check the contract before using baby shampoo in the machine.

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