How Can I Update a Pink Bathroom?

How Can I Update a Pink Bathroom?

How Can I Update a Pink Bathroom?

While pink bathroom tile and fixtures were popular in the mid-20th century, they often date a bathroom. According to SFGate, updating transforms the bathroom from an obviously dated eyesore to a room where the pink looks intentional.

  1. Bring in some white

    Even though you are not getting rid of the pink, a clean white walls above the tile line helps to soften the effect. If the bathroom suffers from poor lighting, add modern fixtures to transform it from dark and dated to clean and new-looking.

  2. Change the hardware

    Change from the mirror-finished chrome of the '50s to a modern look. Hardware to consider changing includes the knobs, the shower heads, the sink faucets and the sink handles. If the bath still has the pink toilet and tub, replace them with new, sleek white fixtures.

  3. Camouflage the tub

    While it is easy to change the other fixtures, tubs are much more difficult and more expensive. Install a floor-to-ceiling shower curtain with a contrasting color. In addition to hiding the dated tub, the curtain helps to cut down on the amount of pink tile visitors see in the room.

  4. Distract the eyes

    Add pictures or other decorations on the wall. In addition to hiding some of the pink tile, they help to draw attention away from it.