Can Two Watermelons Fit Into a Standard Refrigerator?


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The size and height of two watermelons determine whether or not they can fit into a standard refrigerator. The internal configuration of the refrigerator also plays a role in determining the amount and size of items that can fit inside.

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Refrigerator interiors are measured in cubic feet. A standard refrigerator has between 10 and 25 cubic feet of storage space, as of 2015. As long as the watermelons together do not exceed the cubic feet of the refrigerator, then theoretically, they can fit inside. Watermelons, however, are typically measured in weight, not dimensions. Refrigerators are also configured differently and prioritized according to the optimal location of various types of items when stored in a refrigerator. Some refrigerator designs have adjustable shelving that is somewhat customizable, and others do not. Therefore, the configuration of the refrigerator in relation to the height, length and width as well as the weight (the formula for calculating cubic feet) must be known factors in making a definite determination.

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