How Can You Turn a Floor Lamp Into a Palm Tree?


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Creating a palm tree from a lamp is a process that can instantly make a room feel more tropical. This project requires a floor lamp, brown paper lunch bags, scissors, tape, cardboard, a green disposable tablecloth, a Styrofoam ball and glue.

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  1. Make the tree trunk

    To make the tree trunk, open a paper bag and cut triangles out of the top edge of it. Cut the bottom out of the bag. Slip the bag over the lamp and position it so that the triangles face upward. Pull another paper bag around the pole in the same way and tape it a few inches below the first bag so that the uncut ends of the bag are covered. If the bag does not fit around the base of top of the lamp, cut the seam and wrap the bag around the pole.

  2. Make the palm fronds

    Create a stencil for the palm fronds by drawing a leaf on cardboard. Trace this outline onto the disposable tablecloth eight to 10 times and cut out the leaves. Use extra cardboard to create stems to support the leaves. Attach these to the top of the lamp in whichever way the lamp allows.

  3. Make the coconuts

    To make the coconuts, cut open a paper bag so that it lies flat. Crumple it up so that it has some texture to it. Tape or glue the bags to the Styrofoam balls. Finish by attaching the coconuts to the top of the lamp post.

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