Can You Trust the Reviews for Norwex Cleaning Products?


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Online reviews for Norwex cleaning products may not be the most trustworthy for information about the quality of the products, as the reviews could be written by anyone, including Norwex's competitors. Online reviews are often anonymous and can be hard to trust, as experiences vary from person to person.

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Norwex cleaning products are a line of microfiber cloths that are advertised to effectively clean surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. The tiny fibers are able to trap extremely small pieces of dust, and they contain anti-bacterial agents that break down the materials that get soaked up by the cloth. These cloths are marketed as effective and environmentally friendly.

Online reviews for Norwex seem to be extremely varied. Some love and stand by the products and their ability to clean, while others complain that they are messy and damage the surfaces that they are used on.

In general, it is difficult to determine the validity of online reviews, but there are some rules to consider that may help to sift through all of the reviews and find some useful information. The most important thing to do is to read reviews on a variety of different sites and forums. If there are reviews on multiple websites that use the same or very similar wording, then it could be that either Norwex is planting positive reviews to increase sales, or some other company is planting negative reviews to drive sales away from Norwex and toward their own product.

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