Where Can You Get a Troubleshooting Guide for an Amana Ice Maker?

Where Can You Get a Troubleshooting Guide for an Amana Ice Maker?

The Appliance Repair website offers an online Amana refrigerator and ice maker manual that includes troubleshooting information. It is accessible for download in its entirety, or readers can click through directly to the needed chapter.

To troubleshoot an Amana ice maker, first identify the specific problem. Some common problems include "slabbing" (overflowing or fused ice), "shelling" (hollow ice cubes) and lack of ice production.

In the case of slabbing, check to make sure no food or other items are blocking the ice-level arm. Inspect the bottom of the ice mold for rough surfaces and mineral build ups. Also check the pressure of the water supply, as low pressure may cause small cubes that are not properly ejected.

For ice makers that are shelling, check the temperature of the freezer. Look for slush, ice or water left in the cube molds after ejection. Low water pressure or water level may also be to blame.

If the machine is simply not making ice, the problem may lie in the power supply, water flow or temperature. A temperature that is too high may indicate overall problems with the machine's cooling system or a simple setting problem. It is also important to check that the ice maker is receiving electricity, and that water is reaching the machine.