How Can You Troubleshoot a Viking Range?

Some common problems with Viking ranges include malfunctioning oven doors, power supply problems and non-working surface elements. Check the simplest options such as the power supply first before moving on to more complex options.

If a Viking electric range is not operating, start by checking the power supply. Confirm that the range is firmly plugged into a working electrical outlet, then examine the wiring, fuse box and circuit breaker. Replace any blown fuses and reset the circuit breaker.

If the range surface element does not work, ensure that the switch on the surface element is on and is connecting properly. If the problem persists, examine the surface element board. Each burner is controlled by a relay on the surface element board. If the relays are damaged, the surface element will not work. Replace any defective surface element boards with a new ones. Remember to check the manufacturer's manual to identify the specific surface element required.

If the oven door refuses to close or open, the door latch or gasket may be damaged.Disassemble the oven to reach and replace the latch. If the oven door still refuses to close properly, examine the gasket and confirm it is clean and in good repair. Additionally, check the armature and springs, adjusting as necessary until the door closes.