How Can You Troubleshoot a Trane Heater?


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Troubleshooting a Trane heating system requires the specific problem to be identified. Common problems that may result in lack of heat output include a faulty or incorrectly set thermostat, the system may be turned off or unplugged, the gas may be turned off, or a circuit breaker may be tripped.

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First, individuals must check the thermostat and heating unit to be certain they are both plugged in and turned on. If the thermostat is turned on and set to heat, it must be reset to the desired temperature. If everything is turned on and plugged in and still not producing heat, the affiliated circuit breaker box in the home must be checked to ensure that it has not been tripped. The circuit breaker should also be reset if necessary. Also, individuals must verify that the natural gas is flowing by checking the shutoff valves at the meter, furnace or any other shutoff valves.

Dirty filters may cause a Trane system to result in loss of airflow that interferes with the heating capabilities. The filters in each of the system components must be checked and cleaned or replaced as instructed in the use and care guide. Dirty coils may cause a Trane unit to freeze up, which may be evidenced by signs of water below the unit or a cold exterior surface. Coils may require replacement or cleaning by a certified Trane contractor, but a unit may defrost naturally by turning the thermostat off for up to three hours.

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