Can You Troubleshoot a Roper Dryer That Is Not Heating Up?

Troubleshooting a Roper dryer that doesn't heat up requires examining various parts and can often be done by the inexperienced. If the drum spins but the dryer produces no heat, the problem likely lies with the heating element in electric units and with the combustion area on gas units.

It is important to first determine if the dryer is producing any heat at all. In some cases, some of the sides of the dryer might heat up, even if the drum stays cool. If so, the problem likely lies with the fan that blows hot air across the heating element or combustion area into the drum. The fan motor's fuse may have blown, but it is also worth checking to see if the fan itself is obstructed.

Electric dryers have fuses to prevent the heating element from becoming damaged through a power surge. The fuse is likely to show signs of damage if it is broken, and it is relatively simple to replace. Gas dryers might experience problems with the gas valve, which may require expert care to fix or replace. Both gas and electric dryers have thermal fuses near the heating area of the dryer that shuts the unit off if too much heat is produced. Replacing a thermal fuse is generally a straightforward task.