How Can You Troubleshoot a Nordyne Gas Furnace?

To troubleshoot a Nordyne gas furnace, ensure the furnace is turned on appropriately, clean and replace the filter and check to be sure the thermostat has power; check the pilot light and the gas line running into the house. The unit's owner's manual should be consulted for solutions for many of the most common problems.

Some of the most common universal troubleshooting tips are:

Step 1: Ensure the furnace is turned on and set to heat.

Set the temperature well above the current temperature in the room and give it a minute to turn on.

Step 2: Clean or replace the filter.

A dirty filter restricts the airflow through the system, and filters need to be replaced every few months.

Step 3: Ensure the thermostat has power.

This could mean replacing batteries or ensuring the wiring is connected correctly.

Step 4: Ensure the pilot light is lit.

Older furnaces can feature pilot lights. A draft or repair work on another area of the home can extinguish the pilot light, which can lead to a dangerous situation if not re-lit.

Step 5: Check the gas line to the house.

This can be accomplished by checking the valve, or by ensuring other gas appliances in the home are functioning properly.

Step 6: Call a professional.

If at-home troubleshooting fails, it is best to call a professional to solve the issue.

Some issues are easy to troubleshoot, whereas others are more complicated, so it is best to start with the above troubleshooting tips and to call a professional when necessary.