Can You Troubleshoot Your GE Microwave Without an Owner's Manual?


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To troubleshoot a GE microwave without an owner's manual, begin by checking the electrical cords for frays or tears and test the outlet or circuit breaker. The safety interlocking screws on the microwave should be checked and the parts inside the plastic cover should be checked for damage.

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If the control panels on the touchpad of the GE microwave are not operating, perform a hard reset by unplugging the machine and waiting 60 seconds before powering it back on. If the display is not working or displays a PF or 8888 code, this indicates that a power failure has occurred and the clock needs to be reset. Improper programming may also cause the display panel to malfunction or be non-responsive. A hard reset needs to be performed to reset the programming unit.

When a GE microwave has popping sounds, this typically indicates that the food being cooked has a higher fat content that may sizzle when cooking. Food spills, though, can also cause this problem. Users should wipe up spills immediately to avoid overcooking and popping noises that can cause sparks if overheated. Metal-trimmed cooking pans or utensils may cause arcing in a microwave, too.

To test the heating element in a GE microwave, place a glass bowl of water in the appliance and heat for two minutes and 30 seconds on high. If the temperature increases 28 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, then the microwave is operating properly.

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