How Can I Troubleshoot a Gas Whirlpool Dryer?


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To troubleshoot a Whirlpool gas dryer, identify the type of problem the unit is experiencing. If there is very little heat, then there can be a problem with airflow. However, if the dryer is not heating at all, the problem is likely due to a faulty electrical part. To troubleshoot, start by testing the dryer's igniter, flame sensor and valve.

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After identifying the issues of the malfunctioning gas dryer, explore associated symptoms to determine the cause. If the unit is not drying, then it could be an airflow issue. Attempt to remove the air restriction to resolve the problem. Remove blockages by cleaning the lint filter and vent ducts inside and outside of the home. If the fan operates but the dryer does not generate heat, test the functionality of the heat-related components. The dryer uses an igniter that works as an electric conductor. When the conductor burns out, it does not get hot enough to ignite the gas. Test the functionality of the igniter by using an ohmmeter to check continuity. The radiant flame sensor may also stop working once the dryer ages, and if the part malfunctions, it affects the ability of the dryer to produce heat. The gas valve may also malfunction. Performing a continuity test on the gas valve helps to determine if the part is defective.

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