How Can I Troubleshoot a Gas Dryer With No Heat?


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Gas dryers stop heating for several reasons. Use these steps to troubleshoot your dryer and identify the root of the problem. The required supplies are an ohmmeter, a handheld vacuum and a small flashlight. A screwdriver is also helpful for many dryer models.

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  1. Check the power supply

    Confirm that your dryer has adequate power. Check its plugs, cables and the amount of voltage coming through the outlet. Gas dryers need 110 volts or more.

  2. Pull the dryer out

    Pull the dryer away from the wall so you have access to its back panel.

  3. Examine the thermal fuse

    Remove the back panel and locate the thermal fuse. In most dryers the fuse sits near or on the exhaust duct. Use a flashlight to help you find it. Remove the fuse and connect it to an ohmmeter. Unless the display reads "O," install a new fuse.

  4. Test the lighter and gas coils

    Perform continuity tests on the gas coils and lighter. If either part is defective, replace it.

  5. Check the vents and ducts

    Safe, effective dryer operation depends on unobstructed airflow. Inspect the vents and ducts for lint blockage and use a hand vacuum to remove debris. Pass the vacuum over the lint trap also.

  6. Inspect the thermostat

    Broken or dislodged thermostats cause many problems. If the thermostat isn't in the blower housing or beneath the lint trap, install a new one in either location.

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