How Can You Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Electric Dryer?


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In order to troubleshoot a Frigidaire electric dryer, the specific problem must first be identified. Common problems with electric dryers may be that the dryer does not heat at all or does not heat sufficiently, the drum may fail to tumble, or the dryer may be too noisy while operating.

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If the dryer fails to heat, the heating circuit of a Frigidaire dryer can be located by opening the top panel and releasing the spring catches on the left and right corners. The heating circuit consists of four parts: the heating element, the thermal fuse, the high-limit thermostat and the operating thermostat. Testing the heating element for either of the thermostats requires use of a digital multimeter.

For thermostats, individuals may hook the connecting wires to the multimeter probes. A reading of 0.00 indicates a good thermostat, O.L. indicates a failed thermostat. For a heating element, the wires should be hooked to the multimeter, a reading of 10 to 20 Ohms indicates the heating element is functioning properly, while O.L. indicates a faulty heating element.

If the Frigidaire dryer is not heating enough, it indicates that one of the thermostats is running too low. Repair or replacement of the thermostat is best done by a professional. If the dryer does not tumble, it generally indicates a broken or stretched drum belt. The drum belt can be accessed and replaced via the top panel. A dryer that is excessively noisy typically indicates that either the front drum glides, rear drum support bearing or idler pulley needs to be replaced. To replace drum parts, the dryer must be opened and the drum removed.

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