How Can You Troubleshoot My Fan Motor?


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To troubleshoot a fan motor, you must first identify the specific problem and the symptoms associated with it. Common problems with fan motors include failure to circulate air, vibration and shutting down during operation. Other problems include failure of the AC and compressor failure.

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A loosely fixed motor or a defective radiator can cause the fan not to circulate air in the room. To eliminate this, firmly fix the wire connections in the air conditioner, and replace the radiator. Misalignment of the motor and corrosion of some parts can cause noisy operations. Checking the alignment and lubricating the motor can help to solve this problem.

An electrical short can occur abruptly in an old fan motor causing it to shut down suddenly during operation. Replacing the fan motor can rectify this problem. An AC may fail to start when there is low resistance in the incoming power. Ensuring there is incoming electric power, plugging the fan into a different power outlet and replacing the contact contractor can help to correct this problem.

A defective thermostat and a faulty compressor may cause the fan to blow cold air only. To rectify this, replace the thermostat and the compressor. A defective capacitor can cause failure of the compressor to start when the fan motor is turned on. Replacing the run start capacitor can resolve this.

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