How Can You Troubleshoot Culligan Water Softener?

Consult your water softener's owner's manual for the description of common problems and how to fix them. Follow the instructions in the manual exactly to repair most easy problems.

  1. Find your owner's manual

    Locate your owner's manual. If you cannot find it, get a copy of the manual from the Culligan website. You will need to know the model and the year your water softener was manufactured.

  2. Read the troubleshooting section

    Typically, the troubleshooting section is the last section of the manual. Find your problem on the troubleshooting list. If you do not see your problem on the list, read through the descriptions of each possible problem to identify yours. If your particular problem is not listed, call your local Culligan service center to get more assistance.

  3. Read about how to fix the problem

    Study the manual to discover how to fix the problem. If you do not understand the instructions, you might need to read other parts of the manual that identify parts and water softening processes.

  4. Follow the instructions

    Work through the instructions step by step. Once you have done the last step, start your softener again.

  5. Test the water

    Wait for a few hours to give the water a chance to work through your home. Test the water using a commercially available water-softening kit or by using the water. If it is still not fixed, then consider calling for professional service.