Where Can You Get Tools Repaired?

General tool repair can be performed at The Home Depot in its Tool Rental and Repair Center. Some specific brands, including Milwaukee Tool and DeWalt, offer service centers for repairing their tools.

The Home Depot attempts to complete all of its tool repair jobs in-store by trained technicians, cutting down service time. Tools the store repairs in-house include drills, pneumatic tools and woodworking saws. Each repair comes with a 90-day warranty.

Milwaukee Tool staffs 19 factory service centers across the country and has business relationships with hundreds of authorized service centers, as of 2015. The company guarantees a seven-day turnaround with each tool repair, and honors all warranty agreements. Service centers staffed by Milwaukee-factory-trained technicians only use genuine Milwaukee parts on repairs. The company's website, MilwaukeeTool.com, offers a search page that allows a customer to find the closest service center to his ZIP code.

DeWalt features over 80 factory-owned service centers and features over 1000 authorized DeWalt independent repair shops. Each repair includes a complete tear down inspection, a cleaning and lubrication, and a replacement of a worn parts. Technicians then test the tool for performance and safety. DeWalt.com, the company's website, also offers a local ZIP code store locator.