How Can a Toilet Be Installed on Concrete Flooring?

To install a toilet on concrete flooring, the toilet needs to be placed on a wax ring with mounting bolts. The area must be clean prior to installation.

There are a few steps to installing a toilet on concrete flooring:

  1. Clean the area
  2. Ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and that the surface for mounting is leveled. Depending on what type of toilet is being put in, the procedures can differ slightly. If the bowl is attached to the tank, then place the wax ring in the hole. If the bowl is separate, turn the bowl over and place the wax ring inside the base with the plastic sleeve facing away from the toilet.
  3. Attach with mounting bolts
  4. If the wax ring is in the floor in the mounting flange, place the mounting bolts in the flange, outside of the wax ring. If the wax ring is inside the toilet bowl, place the mounting bolts inside the mounting flange in the toilet bowl and put putty around them to hold them in place while attaching the toilet.
  5. For a toilet already attached to a tank
  6. Place the entire toilet on top of the mounting bolt site and arrange so that the bolts go through the bolt holes properly on the toilet base. For a separate bowl, place the entire bowl on the hole, with the waste pipe inside, and match the mounting flange to the pipe in the floor. Push down firmly.
  7. Tighten the installation
  8. Place plastic retainers on the bolts, followed by metal washers. Tighten accordingly by hand, then with a socket. If the bolts are too long, break them off. Cover with decorative caps.